What’s The Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO?

What's The Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO?

Does word count or the overall length of your blog post matter for SEO, and how should that impact your writing?

How Long Should be the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO

How long should the blog post be to became perfectly optimized? The answer lies in 2 matter. ONE IS, find your target audience and SECOND IS, research on user intent. Solve the problem and give answer to questions of your readers. Ideal blog post length for SEO and Blog marketing is described here.

What’s the Ideal Blog Post Length

What’s the ideal blog post length? This may surprise you, but there’s no such thing. The perfect blog post length is a myth. For more information, check out our blog:

How Long Should a Blog Post Be (It’s NOT 2,000+ Words)

In this video, we’ll dispel some common misconceptions regarding blog post length, backed by an analysis of 900 million webpages.

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For years, people believed that long form content performed better than short form content. There are tons of articles that recommend publishing long form content as a way to rank high on Google. We want to put this myth to rest.

There are two reasons why people believe that longer content performs better:

► longer content leads to more backlinks;
► longer content gets more organic traffic.

But is that really a thing? We conducted an analysis of 900 million pages of content to see if there’s any ground for this.

Watch our video to see the results and our takeaways from it.


0:00 Intro
1:10 Does longer content lead to more backlinks?
2:07 Does longer content get more organic traffic?

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How to Write a Blog Post That Gets MASSIVE Traffic

In this video I’m going to show you how to write a blog post the right way.

Specifically, you’re going to learn how to write blog posts that get traffic, social shares, backlinks, first page Google rankings, and more.

With that, here’s a quick preview of the techniques I’ll cover in the video:

The first step is all about finding the right topic for your post. In my experience, your post topic can make or break your content. And your blog as a whole. So it’s important to get this step right.

Next, I’ll show you how to write headlines and post intros that get clicks and engagement. Yes, I’ll draw from my personal experience. But I’ll also show you a few industry studies that back up what I’m talking about.

Then, I show you how to write a blog post that gets results. Creating an awesome post isn’t an art. It’s a science. And in this step you’ll learn the step-by-step process you can use to crank out world-class blog content.

Finally, I show you how to optimize your post for SEO. This is the exact checklist that I use to optimize my own blog content at Backlinko. And it works.

In the end, you’ll have a system that you can follow to write blog posts that help grow your blog.

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